About Us

As sports become more prevalent in our society, competitive athletes seek advanced levels of performance and more sophisticated ways of achieving total athleticism.

Today a totally new tool, athletic performance enhancement centers, plays a key role in athletic performance. At Going Vertical, we believe that a sports performance facility is the next big step in the exploding sports field. Building on the success of our prototype facility in Omaha, Nebraska, we represent a dynamic licensing opportunity for sports-minded individuals and groups.

Start up is comparatively fast, easy, and economical. License support is comprehensive. Competition, in most markets, is non-existent, while potential financial returns are truly impressive.

Quotes from Going Vertical Founder Brad Mellott

When I decided to develop Going Vertical, it was my basic intention to design a strategy around three basic elements:

  1. Work with athletes/coaches/sports organizations to help the boys and girls to develop athletically to levels above and beyond their basic skill levels. It is fun to see the athletes develop confidence from their improvements and when it transfers to the playing field or the court, the rewards are indescribable.
  2. The cost of Investment needed to be relatively small so that the business model could be successful in varying sizes of communities and venues. The business model needed a flexible format which adjusted well to all levels of athletes regardless of sport, gender, and age. It needed to mesh well into existing facilities such as indoor baseball centers, youth athletic facilities, health clubs, physical therapy centers, etc.
  3. The business license needed to cooperate with the fact that each community is unique and each manager/owner has different goals and purposes. Flexibility with this license opportunity is paramount.